mikensy-home-servicesMikensy Consulting Limited (MCL) is a management Training, manpower development and recruiting organization.

Assisting businesses to source, educate, develop and empower people and processes to make a difference in their world.

We deploy a methodology that seeks to ensure that clients achieve their desired corporate objectives by ensuring synergy between Corporate Strategy, Business Process platforms, and Human Capital required to achieve set objectives.

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Why Choose us

The Core Business objective of our Firm has been to assist Institutions in achieving their corporate objectives.

Our main areas of focus are:

  1. Development and implementation of Corporate Strategy
  2. Design and Implementation of Business Processes that drive overall corporate objective(s)
  3. Human Capacity Development

Our Partners


Open Management Courses

Delivered at locations across the continent. Courses for new and experienced managers

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In-House Management Training

We will come to you and deliver a course designed around your exact requirements.

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Recruitment of Excellent skills for Organizations

We provide up-to-date Human Resource Solutions to organizations and create excellent jobs for excellent lives

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