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We have a team of highly qualified trainers all of which have been senior managers in the specialist fields in which they train – we believe in relating all of the training that we provide to practical real life scenarios back in the workplace.

All of our trainers have a wealth of experience to bring to the table and understand and appreciate the pressures that modern managers are under.

We do not simply just shake hands and say goodbye after your course – each delegate receives unlimited email and telephone support from their trainer – this means that whilst you are implementing what you have learned we will be there to help you if you need us. You can email or call your trainer as often as you wish for personal advice, guidance and support – all this comes as part of the service!


  • LS01 Business planning & Growth strategies for World Class Leaders
  • LS02 Executive Leadership & Strategic Planning
  • LS03 Leadership, Innovation & Entrepreneurial skills
  • LS04 The Art of Leadership & Team Building
  • LS05 Leadership and Development of Talent
  • LS06 Inspirational Leadership & Creativity
  • LS07 Decision Making for Managers
  • LS08 Leadership skills for Supervisors
  • LS09 Creative Thinking and Problem-Solving Skills for Managers
  • LS10 Emotional Intelligence
  • LS11 Business Communication and Report Writing Skills
  • LS12 Effective Negotiation Skills
  • LS13 Motivating your Workforce
  • LS14 Business Leadership- Becoming Management Material
  • LS15 Building High Performance Teams


  • MD01 Sustainable Business Development
  • MD01 Sustainable Business Development
  • MD02 Building & Managing High Performance Teams
  • MD03 The Essential Management Skills for World-Class Performance
  • MD04 Communication, Assertiveness & Negotiation Skills
  • MD05 Advanced Management Skills for Middle Managers
  • MD06 Performance Management and Productivity Improvement
  • MD07 Team Work and Performance Improvement
  • MD08 Time Management
  • MD09 Relationship Building and Sales Generation for better Performance
  • MD10 Exceptional Customer Service and Relationship Management
  • MD11 Stress Management
  • MD12 Inspirational Leadership


  • BGS01 Minimizing Revenue Leakage
  • BGS02 Improving Revenue Collection and Mobilization
  • BGS03 Debt Management
  • BGS04 Cost Reduction
  • BGS05 Developing Effective
  • BGS06 Relationship with Team and Hierarchy for optimum Business Growth


  • PRP01 Psychological Challenges, Financial/ Personal Management
  • PRP02 Becoming an Entrepreneur, and Retirement wellbeing (wellness)


  • BF01 Financial Statement and Cash Flow Analysis for Banks
  • BF02 Problem Loan Management and Debt Recovery Strategies
  • BF03 Asset/Liability Management and Balance Sheet Profitability Planning
  • BF04 Exceptional Customer Service and Relationship Management
  • BF05 Sales and Marketing of Financial Products
  • BF06 Deposit Mobilization and Excellent Customer Service
  • BF07 Cost Income Ratio and Balance Sheet Management
  • BF08 Bank Treasury Management
  • BF09 Liquidity Risk and Assets Liabilities Management
  • BF10 Tellering/ Cash Box Management
  • BF11 Loan Portfolio and Delinquency Management.
  • BF12 Cash Flow Analysis for Lending
  • BF13 Credit Management
  • BF14 Credit Appraisal Techniques
  • BF15 Bank Fraud Risk Management
  • BF16 Operational Controls and Compliance
  • BF17 Understanding Bank Branch Profitability
  • BF18 Essential selling Skills
  • BF20 Effective Selling Skills for Bank
  • BF21 Target Based Performance Management
  • BF22 Performance Based Management Systems

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Think forward , Think ‘SMART’